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Since 2010, Nautica Travels has been making the world more accessible to its clients. With personalized and budget oriented services, the professionals at Nautica cater to all your travel needs. From passport and visa applications to flight bookings, hotels, foreign exchange, car rentals and insurance services, we’ve got it all covered. With long-term partnership arrangements with airlines, hotels & forex providers, we work hard to get you the best deals while also providing you world-class customer service.

Our team has over 25 years of travel industry experience, so when you contact us, you are not just getting the best travel itinerary at the best prices, but also sound advice on travel options that work for your specific needs. We are best known for assistance during your travel experience … so if your flight cancels due to weather or you lose your passport while you are travelling, you can count on us to help provide solutions. In that sense, we are a not just a travel service provider, but a travel partner! So now, when you travel – on business or for pleasure, you can focus on just that and leave the rest to us.

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  1. One-stop travel shop
  2. Experienced professionals
  3. Personalized services
  4. Follow-through customer support
  5. Budget oriented services
  6. Extensive range of options
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